is a non-profit, public-equivalent body initially set up
to promote energy efficiency
and the use of renewable energy sources.


It forms part of the European network of IEE Energy Agencies, having been established in 2007 through funding received from the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme and various Maltese public institutions.

Over the past ten years, MIEMA has implemented more than 20 European projects, all related to sustainable energy, under a range of different programmes. Its engineers have conducted numerous energy audits and provided consultancy and advice on clean energy issues to local councils and other public entities. Some of its projects included the installation of PV systems and energy efficiency measures in 35 low-income households (Elih-Med), the award of the European Energy Award to four Maltese Local Councils (MEDEEA), the development of energy training courses (BUS-Malta, BUS-Trainers, SEOP, EHCmap, Eneplan, Eresplan), and the implementation of a pilot smart energy grid (Empower), amongst others. At present, MIEMA has ongoing projects funded through the Interreg Europe, Interreg MED, Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+ programmes.

After moving its office from the University of Malta campus to Valletta, the management board has this year decided to enlarge the scope of the agency‘s activities to address wider environmental and climate change issues. It is also in the process of developing higher education courses on environmental management.