About Us

The Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) is Malta’s first energy agency, set up in June 2007, with the support of the IEE Programme and a wide array of public institutions including the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, the Malta College for Art Science and Technology, the Local Councils, the Malta Resources Authority and the University of Malta. Its aims are in line with those of other IEE supported Energy Agencies and as such it aims to be a protagonist of the European effort towards a more intelligent use of energy resources; promoting awareness initiatives and contributing to define incisive and targeted proposals and policies of intervention, in order to optimize the use of conventional energy resources and to develop renewable sources.
The Agency’s activities are initially focused on local needs, such as the energy practices of the tourism industry, while building on local success stories like that of the use of bio fuels. MIEMA is also planning to co-ordinate and provide training to installers of photo-voltaic and similar intelligent energy systems and to organize seminars and information days. It intends to foster and conduct research in the field, through collaboration with the University of Malta, and to disseminate information and raise awareness on the importance of managing energy. This sort of synergistic networking will ensure the success of the Agency and will be another step in ensuring that Malta reaches its target commitments for the use of greener energy sources.


Activities programmed for the next three years include:

  • Energy planning
  • Green certificates
  • Energy certification of buildings
  • Energy saving on public lighting
  • Studies to address the energy needs of industrial parks and micro-enterprises
  • Studies to address the energy needs of tourism establishments
  • Promotion of the use of biofuels and related projects (e.g., marine algae project)
  • Dissemination of information about renewables at local and national levels