ELIH MED Energy Grant

The Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (MIEMA) is launching a grant scheme for energy efficiency improvements in low income households.

The maximum value of each grant is €7,000. MIEMA will cover 90% of the cost of equipment and works, while the beneficiary will be required to finance the remaining 10% of the costs themselves.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this scheme, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The applicant must qualify for the Energy Benefit Scheme managed by the Dept of Social Security.
  2. The building must be privately owned or rented. Residents of premises rented from the Housing Authority are not eligible under this scheme.
  3. The building must have been constructed before 1995.


Possible measures

Energy efficiency measures which can be undertaken through this scheme include:

  1. Building envelope (roof insulation, shading, use of reflective paint on roof, etc);
  2. Water heating (solar water heaters, gas water heaters, instant water heaters, etc.);
  3. PV panels;
  4. Apertures (double-glazing, second window in addition to existing window, UV film);
  5. Lighting (use of energy-efficient lighting, skylights, etc.);
  6. Space heating and cooling systems (high-efficiency systems, ceiling fans, ventilation systems, etc.);
  7. Other measures (e.g. draughtproofing).


Closing date for applications

MIEMA will be accepting 100 applications on a first-come first-served basis. These will then be assessed and 35 applications will be selected for funding. Applications must reach the MIEMA Offices by 17h00 of Friday 8th February 2013.


Application Form

For further information call 2722 4408 and ask for Albert Falzon or Brian Warrington, or email albert.falzon@miema.org. You may download an Application Form from the MIEMA website (www.miema.org).

In order to fill in the application Form, it is recommended that you call 2722 4408 to set an appointment. However, if you prefer you may fill in the Form yourself and mail it to the address below.

9C, Mikiel Anton Vassalli Street,
Valletta VLT 1310

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