Electra (Intelligent Energy Europe)



Acronym: Electra

Project: Electric City Transport

Programme: Intelligent Energy Europe

Period: 2013 – 2015

Partnership: The Electra is made of the following partners:

  1. Comune di Genova
  2. T Bridge
  3. Comune di Firenze
  4. Relians
  5. BCNEcologia
  6. MIEMA
  7. AV Map GIS S.A.
  8. City of Murcia
  9. City of Skopje
  10. City of Zagreb
  11. Exacto

Website: http://electraproject.eu


The overall objective of the project Ele.C.Tra. is to promote a new urban mobility model, characterized by:

  • standard structure with common characteristics to all the project cities, suitable to transfer to other cities or regions and to develop in the future enhancing other means of transport (e.g. electric bikes or buses or cars);
  • specific characteristics, suitable for every cities involved, highlighting demand mobility flows, local buses and metros networks, particular citizens and tourists needs.



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pdf document Electra brochure

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