EMPOWER PROJECT (Horizon 2020)

Local Electricity Retail Markets for Prosumer Smart Grid Power Services


The EMPOWER concept aims to encourage and enable the active participation of citizens that consume and produce energy in the electrical system. It is based on the insight that a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and an increase of energy efficiency require radical changes in the way we produce and consume energy.


The increasing installed capacity of renewable energy generation in the electrical system and the massive rollout of smart meters show that an improvement of electricity system sustainability and performance has just begun. Due to the distributed installation of intermittent, renewable generation the role of distribution system operators (DSO) have become much more important than before the electricity market liberalization carried out in the European Union.

To maintain a high level of quality of costumer services and electricity supply, new information and communication technologies are needed and new roles will evolve at the interface between DSO’s, local consumers / prosumers, decentralised electricity suppliers and the transmission operator. Small to medium-scale distributed storage systems on medium and low voltage supply systems level will have to be managed in the future. In order to exploit prosumer flexibility in real life, new methodologies, products and services need to be developed and commercialized.

This includes on the building side methods for data acquisition and surveillance in individual buildings, decision support models for individual and clusters of buildings with multiple optimization criteria and finally models to analyze the mutual impact between single or multiple, organized prosumers and the energy system. The proposed empowering project enables the establishment and operation of local energy cooperatives that can manage renewable energy resources and serve members, while operating in an open, competitive market environment. It puts coordinated prosumers into the centre of future local power market design. The project aims to investigate the concept of a regional market and an associated service to manage the exchange of energy, communication and monetary credit assignment.