The production of bio-fuels using micro algae in the Mediterranean

MIEMA has for a long time identified the potential for Malta to use microalgae as a source of biofuels. In fact, in May 2008 it presented a project brief, aimed at fully analysing this aspect, to the national Ministry, which on its part mandated the energy agency to implement the project in Malta. As a result, MIEMA had established contact and developed relationships with the interested entities and stakeholders and started collaborating with a network of European organisations active in this field. This allowed MIEMA to have a full picture of the local and regional situation. It has signed agreements with academic institutions and private companies to embark on the local production of biodiesel from marine microalgae and carry out the necessary testing. MIEMA was therefore in a position to contribute to the proposal and improve it through its expertise on the subject.

MIEMA will contribute in all the work packages, however, the major inputs will be in:

  • Work Package 3 and 4.
  • Establishment of several production scenarios for micro-algae representing an array of production conditions in laboratory scale.
  • Assessment of carbon sequestration potential from production scenarios – algae to diesel.
  • Techno-economic assessment of full scale production facility.
  • Assessment and recommendations for full scale production.