Acronym: MER

Project: Marketing and govERning innovative industrial estates

Programme: MED

Period: May 2013 – October 2014



  1. Province of Bologna – Economics Development (Italy)
  2. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Nice Cote d’Azur (France)
  3. Anatoliki S.A (Greece)
  4. ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Develop (Italy)
  5. FVMP – Valencian Federation of Minicipalities and Provinces (Spain)
  6. CEEI Valencia – Valencia Business and Innovation Centre (Spain)
  7. CRIA – University of Algarve (Portugal)
  8. INFORMEST – Service and Documentation Centre for International Economic Cooperation (Italy)
  9. Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)
  10. Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus)
  11. MIEMA – Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency (Malta)




Project presentation

Marketing and governing innovative industrial Area – MER project through a “network of networks” shares experiences, ideas, opportunities, best practices and perspectives on energy, environmental issues and green marketing tools, to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and attractiveness in the frame of sustainable growth according to the Europe 2020 Strategy.

MER is based on the core value that green marketing and management of industrial areas can be a key factor for attracting investments in the European Area. Therefore starting from the results of the previous  cooperation projects implemented by each single partner, MER aims at identifying long term tools for sustainable and responsible economic development.


Project objectives

The general objectives are the followings:

  • To capitalise results coming out from different cooperation projects concerning industrial areas with a particular focus on environmental issues, green marketing tools and skilled management;
  • To build up a wide European network based on the “learning by interacting” concept in order to cherish experience, learn from failure, work for joint long-term solutions to shared problems;
  • To develop a “lobbying approach” and propose a road map and an action plan capable of influencing new Regional and European long term policies;
  • To replicate good practices, models and procedure already implemented, on a greater scale and in several territorial contexts.


Added Value

All the already implemented projects that MER intends to capitalise share the need to   promote a new sustainable economic pattern to avoid          compromising future generation and to get smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Europe 2020 Strategy).


Tangible Results: 

  • Thematic Study visits in the partner countries
  • Joint technical workshops
  • Open e-books with developed guidelines
  • Training activities
  • Local action plan
  • Subscribed commitments to the European road map


Project Structure

For an effective implementation five work packages have been structured:

  1. Administrative and financial management of the project/coordination of the partnership
  2. Information, awareness raising and capitalisation
  3. Networking and best practices identification
  4. Transfer of integrative MER
  5. Long Term Sustainability


 MER Newsletter No. 1

 MER Newsletter No. 2

 MER Marketing Plan

 MER E-Learning

 MER Article No. 1

 MER Article No. 2

MER Article No. 3

MER Article No. 4



 Local Action Plans for Industrial Areas


Past Events

MER Project Kick Off meetings In Malta – 10th July 2013


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