PEGASUS (Interreg MED)

Acronym:          Pegasus

Project title:      Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable Uses of electricity

Programme:      Interreg Med

Period:               February 2017 – July 2019



Pz – municipality of  Potenza

CRES – Crentre for renewable energy sources and saving

MIEMA – Malta Intelligent Enegry Management Agency

RAEE – Regional energy and environment agency in Rhône-Alpes

ENERGAP –  Energy Agency of Podravje – Institution for Sustainable Energy Use

Dempa – Demepa srl

UCY – Unversity of Cyprus

Preko – Municipality Preko

Fedarene – European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the  Environment

Abengoa – Abengoa Innovación S.A.


 The project will support Local Authorities to define and implement innovative local fiscal policies, intended to promote renewable energy sources (RES) both in the public and private sector and households, mainly in the framework of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans adopted by Local Authorities signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.

In rural areas and islands of MED regions, local fiscal policies have a key role in incresing renewable energy sources. Since rural local authorities have economical and technical constraints, RES promotion plans should prioritize collaboration and active roles for private sector and households. Local fiscal systems are proper tools to lead and engage such actors in RES.

The project will support the testing of innovative local green fiscal policies, and monitoring their results in spreading renewable energy sources. As well, the project will facilitate capitalization of the best practices and application in other municipalities, at national and transnational levels, since models of green local fiscal policy will be elaborated and disseminated as well as technical support will be provided. The project will provide Local Authorities with fiscal policy models to be included in their own strategies and plans, especially in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors. Green fiscal policies will promote public and private sector engagement in renewable energy sources, to increase the share of renewable local energy sources.


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