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Acronym: SEOP

Project: Social Electricity Online Platform

Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme

Period: January 2014 – December 2015



  1.  University of Cyprus (UCY) – Cyprus
  2. MIEMA – Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency – Malta
  3. E-C-C Verein für interdisziplinäre Beratung und Bildung (ECC) – Austria
  4. Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) – Cyprus
  5. Kaunas Regional Energy Agency (KREA) – Lithuania
  6. INTEGRA – Slovenia
  7. Meath Community Rural & Social Development Partnership Limited – Ireland
  8. Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology (CARDET) – Cyprus
  9. QUALED – Slovakia
  10. University of Athens (UoA) – Greece


Overview of the Project

Energy is essential for Europe to function. But the days of cheap energy for Europe seem to be over. The challenges of climate change, increasing import dependence and higher energy prices are faced by all EU members. (1) It is therefore important that European citizens understand the political, social and environmental implications of energy consumption and dedicate their efforts to consume energy more rationally.

These days, social media and the internet are becoming more popular in our everyday lives; therefore the role of ICT platforms in educating people becomes more important. Green ICT applications and platforms need to be developed to help people become more aware about the energy and sustainability, encouraging them to socialize about resource consumption and engage themselves in communities related to energy-saving practices. These platforms should be open and social, and reinforce the engagement of citizens in the long run, promoting the forming of communities for exchanging ideas, practices and useful tips around different energy-related concepts.

Social Electricity Online Platform is a project financed through the Lifelong Learning Programme. The promotion of ICT for learning is one of the four key activities of LLP’s transversal programme. Progress in the use of ICT for education and training across Europe has been substantial in the last years. However, studies show that ICT has not yet had as significant an impact as expected. Actions are not about developing technology itself, but about the use of ICT tools to enhance learning environments and experiences. (3) The aim of Social Electricity Online Platform (SEOP) project is to create a social ICT platform to help people become more aware of energy and sustainability, encouraging them to socialize about resource consumption and engage themselves in communities related to energy-saving practices. This is to be done through online social comparisons where people can compare their electrical energy consumptions with their friends, relatives and neighbors. By means of this comparison, consumers may perceive their energy behavior and take steps to reduce their electricity and carbon footprints.

Online links

Project Official Website

Social Electricity Online Platform


Past Events

SEOP Project Kick off meetings In Malta – 27 – 28th February 2014

2nd Project Meeting in Vienna – 23-24 October 2014

3nd Project Meeting in Kaunas (LT) – 20-23 May 2015

Last Project Meeting and Conference in Nicosa (Cyprus) – 03-05 November 2015


Project Publications

pdf document Newsletter Nr. 1  pdf document  Newsletter Nr.2 pdf document  Newsletter Nr.3

pdf document  Newsletter Nr.4  pdf document  Newsletter Nr.5 pdf document  Newsletter Nr.6